Here is Wings, the B-side to our single Fireflies. It’s an homage to our hero, the Teesside Troubadour, Vin Garbutt who died sadly in 2017. Vin was ever the champion of the oppressed and Wings was his rallying cry, Don’t be them, be you! We would like to echo that at a time of growing intolerance.

We hope you like it.

Here’s some links to get the song. Please help yourself to your platform of choice and enjoy.
Apple Music

Here’s a little session video we did with Spooker Rekkids and Travelling Man Productions.

Ta much.

20/01/2018 Unhung live

“Unhung” is our new single. It’ll be out in February on Spooker Rekkids and we just can’t wait so here is our Jon playing it live with some top, talented, and lovely folks at Field Music’s Brighter Sound residency. Thanks to Daisy Lawrence, Andrew Lowther, Dan Wild-Beesley, Francesca Ter-Berg, David Brewis, Peter Brewis, Andy Martin and of course all of those beautiful people at Brighter Sound for making this happen.